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A visible website is essential in promoting the Bluemoon brand to business and the public. We monitor our search engine visibility and update the website to ensure Bluemoon Investigations is easy to find.

We continue to invest considerable resource into developing and promoting the group website to attract new customers:

  • ... who need a private investigator
  • ... who want to pay you to help them

Visit our web site at

Social Media

Social media has developed to be an essential part of the promotional mix to promote the business.

We have a social media strategy in place to continue to raise our brand awareness. Our aim is to make us and our franchisees the number one choice as Private Investigators through out the UK.

Paid for Advertising

We have invested considerable sums in advertising and run Google Adword campaigns to keep us prominent in the search engine results.

As part of your franchise agreement when you join the Bluemoon family, we run a tried and tested Adword campaign to build interest in your local franchise area.

We also advertise on the specialist directory Quality Investigators.

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