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The Work of a PI

Bluemoon Investigations offices provide a comprehensive range of services to industry and commerce, the finance industry, the legal profession, and the general public. Customers are local, national and international.

As a Bluemoon Investigations franchisee your work will be varied.

Read some examples of the type of work you will be involved in.

Process Serving

The service of documents as prescribed under the Civil Procedure Rules, ensuring the correct person is served at the right address.

A statement of service or affidavit is prepared as required ...


Tracing covers locating missing persons: old friends, relatives, abducted children, natural parents, witnesses, probate beneficiaries, business associates, debtors ...

You may be involved in tracing livestock: pets, farm animals ...

Tracing also covers finding assets: vehicles, boats, property, equipment, tools, stock, raw materials ...

Status enquiries

Status investigations are undertaken to establish the financial / debt / asset situation of a debtor, before deciding on further action ...

Due diligence

Due diligence reviews for business clients includes checking business credentials, credit rating, personal background reviews, pre-employment screening, verifying qualifications ...

Background checks

Background checks for private clients includes establishing the background / financial situation / activities of new associates. Instructions include pre-marital or pre-relationship lifestyle checks, checks on new friends of family members, nanny checks before employment ...


Covert surveillance is used in many circumstances to gather evidence. Situations include insurance claims investigations, suspected theft and fraud by customers and staff, checks on nannies and domestic staff, suspected infidelity of a partner, peace of mind enquiries of new friends of your children ...

Statement taking

Attend on the behalf of a solicitor or client to take a statement. Locations include accident location, private home, police station and HM Prison ...

Accident investigations

Attend at the scene of an incident or accident and prepare a location plan and photographs to illustrate the events that took place ...

Property checks

Locality checks for people and businesses moving to a new area ...

Specialist services

Provide specialist services such as polygraph lie testing, computer forensic examination, fraud investigations, DNA paternity testing, semen detection ...

No two days the same

Running a successful detective agency is very different from the average job. Take a look at our Services page and you will get an idea of the very wide range of enquiries you could be doing. Enquiries not just for solicitors, but across the whole spectrum of commerce, industry and the general public.

A successful private investigator is not just someone who is technically proficient, but must also be a people-person, able to adapt to dealing with a wide range of people.

Running a business

As a small business you must also manage and do the myriad of jobs that make your business run. From ordering the office stationary to paying the bills. From sending the invoices to chasing the payments. From deciding on advertising to writing an article for a local web site. From estimating the cash flow to paying the VAT. And the list goes on.

Interested ?

Being a private investigator is not a 9 to 5 job. It is so much more.

If the idea of running your own private investigator agency excites you then read more about the Bluemoon Investigations franchise opportunity.